Foreign Media Heads to Dokdo Islets

The Dokdo islets have been at the center of diplomatic disputes between Korea and Japan due to their rich fishing grounds and strategic location. Now for the first time international journalists were invited by North Gyeongsang Province to visit the islets in the East Sea. The chance of actually reaching the islets is under 30 percent, so unfortunately weather conditions prevented the 20 press members from going any further than Ulleung Island, which is known for its breathtaking scenery and fresh seafood.

Members of the international press attended lectures on sovereignty issues, international law and ancient maps at the Dokdo Museum on Ulleung Island, and were told about security efforts by Koreans to preserve control over the islets.

Public interest regarding the islets is at an all-time high.

The Ulleung government says the number of annual visitors reached 260,000 in 2007 and predicts the number of tourists to rise as media attention continues.

Setting the record straight on Dokdo begins with sorting out historical misunderstandings and the lack of international knowledge of the islets. Organizers of the event say this visit from the international press is a starting point to get to the truth.

Arirang News

[Digital Chosunilbo] | Original News @ HERE
Date : 2008/11/11


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