Historical Map

Map1(in 1946)

SCAP (Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers) ADMINISTRATIVE AREAS JAPAN AND SOUTH KOREA, 1946

SCAP ADMINISTRATIVE AREAS was published based on an official document the 677 clause of SCAPIN which was about separation lands from Japan. (29th, Jan, 1946). According to this map, the lands of separation from Japan include ‘Liancourt Rocks'(Dokdo). Admittedly, Dokdo belongs to the jurisdiction of Korea.

Map2(in 1530)

(PalDoChongDo-The map of the entire 8 province of Korea)
The map was made in 1530. This map shows Dokdo is located in west of Ulrengdo. Even though the location is not quite accurate; however, we can see that Korean ancestor’s awareness of their territory Dokdo and Ulrengdo.

Map3(in 1700)

in the end of 1700, the map was published by Japan. Both Dokdo and Korea territory are colored with same color (yellow). And in this map, Dokdo is specified with “Those are Korea territory”.

Map4(in 1740, 1754)

(18centry map)
Issued by France (1754), specified ‘Mer de Coree (sea of Korean)’ for DongHe. Issued by England (1740), specified ‘Gulf of Corea (gulf of Korean)’ for DongHe

Map5(in 1785)

(SamGukZeobyang map-sea near three country, Hayasi Siheyee(Japanese)), 1785)
In this map, All of the islands on the DongHe is colored with same color as Joseon(Korea). It is considered as an essential evidence that the Joseon(Korea) has territorial right of Dokdo. In 1936, authoritative Land Surveying national company published this map. In this map, Dokdo and Ulrengdo was drawn as a part of Joseon(Korea). It is significant meaningful map, because the map issued by authoritative Japanese Organization and it was produced under the Japan’s occupation.

Map6(in 1873)

(Joseon SeGyeonJeonDo -the completion map of Joseon (Korea), SoMeGaKiNoBuHuSa (Japanese), 1873)
This map specified Dokdo and Ulrengdo with same color, and drew Dokdo beside of UlZinHun (one of the Province of Joseon). We can apparently see that UlZinHun includes Dokdo, and Dokdo is Korean territory.

Map7(in 1876)

Joseon DongHeAn Do (A map of East Seashore of Korea, In 1876)
This map published by Japan’s Navy based on the edited data from revision of “British measure map” and “Russian actual observation map (1857) which is a revision of Russian ship’s measurement (1863, 1854)”. This map specified Dokdo with many different of angles. By specifying Dokdo in detail, Japan expressed their recognized awareness that Dokdo is an island of Korea.

Map8(in 1878)

(Deilbonbungyunsindo- Japanese map, Yamamura(Japanese), 1878)
There is Joseon(Korea) northwest part of Japan, and used different color for Joseon(Korea). Ulrengdo and Dokdo colored with same color as Joseon (Korea).

Map9(in 1882)

(Copperplate printing, A complete map of Joseon country, Kimura(Japanese), 1882)
Kimura colored Ulrengdo and Dokdo same color as Joseon (Korea).

Map10(in 1882)

(DeilbonJoseonPaldozinaSamGuk Zoendo-A complete map of Japan and 8 province of Joseon (Korea), Dakeda(Japanese), 1882)
Dekeda drew Dokdo and Ulrengdo near ‘Joseon sea’, and write dawn a name ‘Joseon sea’ for the sea between Joseon and Japan, write down ‘Japan SeoHe(SeoHe means west sea in Korean)’ for the sea around Japan, write down ‘Japan DongHe'(DongHe means west sea in Korean) for the Pacific.

Map11(in 1886)

(Joseon Jeondo- a completion map of Joseon)
This map is a part of “the Map of Japanese Sea and land” made by Morikinseki(Japanese) in 1886. On this map, Both Dokdo and Ulrengdo are included in Korea territory.

Map12(in 1959)

(The map of Dokdo) The Larousse (France famous publish company) published “The world map” in 1959. This map is “The map of the Korea-Japan” in the part of “the world map”. This map is the first map indicating Tokdo(Rers Liancourt) made by foreigner. This is the first use of naming Dokdo from other country, not Japan and Korea. “Rers” is the abbreviated word of “Rochers” meaning The Rocks (island). In this map, ‘Korea’ spelled ‘coree’.


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