Japan on Lookout for Use of ‘Dokdo’ Globally

Japan on Lookout for Use of 'Dokdo' Globally

Kyodo News reports the Japanese government has posted a notice on embassy websites requesting any information about the use of the titles “Dokdo” and “East Sea.”

Both are Korean names for the islets and body of water between South Korea and Japan. Tokyo refuses to recognize those titles as it claims ownership of the Dokdo islets and uses Sea of Japan instead of East Sea.

According to the news report, the notice appears on around 70 websites of embassies and missions. It asks people to report any maps or publications that go against Japan’s territorial stance.

The notice, Kyodo said, is in response to South Korea’s efforts to globally promote the Dokdo and East Sea names.

Earlier this week, Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida ordered embassies to actively request map-related information from Japanese living overseas.

The newspaper added, however, that even if Tokyo asks for a revision, it’s unclear whether publishers would accept.


KBS World Radio | Original News @ HERE

DATE: 06/17/2017


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