Korea to add “Dokdo” to image of old map

The Korean government has decided to use an image of Kim Jeong-ho’s 1861 Korean map, “Daedong Yeojido,” on their new 100,000 won bank notes, but instead of using a true image of the famous map, the government will be adding the island of “Dokdo” (Liancourt Rocks), which did not appear on the original map or on any old Korean map. This seems to be yet another example of the Korean government’s use of deceit to try to convince Koreans and others that Dokdo was Korean territory.

Here is a quote from and link to a Donga Ilbo article that mentions the Korean government plan:

The Dokdo Islet is not present in the original Daedongyeojido that Kim Jeong-ho drew in the Joseon Dynasty, but the 100,000 won note includes Dokdo Islet.

LINK to original source @ Donga Ilbo

Date : Jan. 01. 2008


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