Multilingual Booklet on Dokdo Published

Korea Dokdo Research Center under the Korea Maritime Institute said Wednesday that it has published a 15-page booklet titled “Dokdo Is Korean Territory” in four languages Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.

It is the latest in a series of state-level measures against Japan’s recent inscription of the islets as its territory in a guidebook for middle school teachers.

Earlier in April, the center published a pamphlet in order to debunk a Japanese report on Dokdo, “10 Issues of Takeshima,” which the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted on its Web site in three languages. Takeshima is the Japanese name for Dokdo. The booklet is a developed version of the pamphlet.

Based on old maps and documents from both Korea and Japan, the booklet carries detailed grounds for Korea’s sovereignty over the easternmost islets from historical, and international legal points of view.

“We published it in foreign languages for the need to provide correct information about Dokdo overseas,” Choi Jae-sun, director of the center, said.

Starting Friday, the center will distribute the booklet to Korean residents and Korean studies scholars overseas through Korean embassies in other countries and international associations.

The Korean-language booklet will be used in history class at middle and high schools. “Even many Korean-language books and materials carry insufficient information about Dokdo, especially teaching material for schoolchildren. We hope the booklet will be of help,” Choi said.

He said the government and academia would be able to use the booklet in refuting Japan’s claim.

The center will also publish a scientific book about Dokdo, “Korea and Japan’s Historical Viewpoints,” written by 13 scholars from the two nations, including former Korean foreign minister Gong Ro-myung and honorary professor at Japan’s Shimane University Naito Seitsu. The Korean-language version will be published in August and the English version, in October.

[The Korea Times] | Original News @ HERE
Date : 2008/07/23


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