Russian Expert Says Dokdo is Korea’s

A Russian expert has affirmed Korea’s claim to the Dokdo islets at a forum among Russian educators.

Valery Glushkov, the deputy director of Russias Institute of the History of Sciences and Technology, said in a forum at the Russian Academy of Education that Russian historical documents clearly support Koreas sovereignty over the islets.

He pointed out that after Japan surrendered to the allied powers at the end of World War Two, the islets no longer belonged to Japan and thus were not defined in the San Francisco Peace Treaty.

He said that just as Russia regained control over the Kuril Islands after the war, Korean rule over the Dokdo islets should be internationally recognized.

Meanwhile, the Russian Academy of Education has decided to hold quarterly lectures about Korea and provide information about Korea to the Russian public.

Glushkov is a researcher of the Russo-Japanese War and is a renowned expert on the Dokdo islets issue.

Reported by KBS WORLD Radio
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Date : 2008/12/11


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