Japan's Claim over Dokdo and Korea's Refutation.

1) Japan’s Claim – Dokdo is an inherent territory of Japan, not of Korea.

> Korea’s Refutation – Dokdo has been a part of Korean territory since 512 A.D., and the first Japanese written record on Dokdo, the Records on Observations in Onshu published in 1667, admits this fact.


2) Japan’s Claim – Dokdo was a terra nullius and Japan acquired it by means of prior occupation

> Korea’s Refutation – The Japanese imperialists knew that Dokdo was not a terra nullius when they seized it by force and sub rosa in February 1905 for military purposes: to set up a watchtower on the island during the Russo-Japanese war.


3) Japan’s Claim – The Empire of Korea made no protest against Japan’s annexation of Tokdo in 1905.

> Korea’s Refutation – The Japanese government claims that the Korean side did not protest against the annexation of Dokdo into Japanese territory, but Korean documented records show that both the government and people resolutely denounced and rejected it.


4) Japan’s Claim – The areas the Japanese approved and returned to Korea were those of the Emipire of Korea when the Treaty of Annexation was signed in August 1910 and did not include Dokdo, which Japan annexed before that time, i.e., 1905

> Korea’s Refutation – The Japanese government maintains that the Meiji government was not aware that Dokdo was Korean territory. This is contradicted by the Japanese Council of State, the Foreign Ministry, the Home Ministry, the Ministries of the Army and the Navy of the Meiji government, and the maps published by them.


5) Japan’s Claim – The Meiji government of Japan never recognized Dokdo as Korean territory

> Korea’s Refutation – The Allied Power’s defination that Japan should be “expelled from all other territories which she has taken by violence and greed” does not apply from the time of Japanese annexation of Korea in August 1910, but from 1895 when Japan won the Sino-Japanese war and seized the Liaotung peninsula, Tawian and the Pescadores, which were restored to China after the end of World War . Thus, the definition applies to Tokdo, which Japan grabbed from Korea “by violence and greed” in 1905.


6) Japan’s Claim – SCAPIN No.677 does not define Japanes territory, but is an administrative measure

> Korea’s Refutation – SCAPIN No. 677 defines “Japan” in terms of its territory and of the areas to be separated from Japan and restored to the original owners. This definition applies to Dokdo.

The world says Dokdo as a part of Korean, NOT Japanese!


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